Make commitments

I found myself a lazy person and that doesn’t match with my dreams. So I had to find ways to make me work and today I will briefly talk about the power of saying out loud your dreams.

Push yourself

I am getting to work when I am really into something, because I work out of fascination. Other cases when I get to work is when somebody depends on me, awaits my opinion, my help or when I publicly declare to people I know what my plans are: when I say I am going to work on a project I find the inner motivation of a commitment.

Not too many promises either…

Don’t fall into the trap of doing everything. Most of the time I have the impression I can do everything arises in my face and I make the commitment I will do it, but I never fulfill my promise. (That doesn’t help my emotional intelligence either because the thought I didn’t fulfill and makes me feel bad about it)
To not fall into the trap you have to be aware when you say you’re going to do something for sure. I tend to say yes to everything because that might be an opportunity for something later on, but for some time now I started to add some more “be aware of what you can do” flavor. I use my calendar and my tasks list to check whether or not I can make the commitment.