Who am I?

Don't change others, change yourself!

My name is Răzvan, which for many of you might sound strange. It’s actually pretty common in Romania as I know it’s widespread in Muslim countries. Pretty cool, no?

I am a 22 years old graduate of Computer Science in Romania. But I am not only that. I have much more to offer.

Most of my life I shut my mouth and listen, being an introvert, but now is the time I speak. I’ve been working on my emotional intelligence for the past two and, now, I feel pretty confident showing you my true self.

Countries Visited

Me in the present

I currently travel, as a part of my life goals. My philosophy is that one must travel after finishes the studies. Aristotle himself went with Alexander the Great, discovering new cultures. And I think this is the next level of studies one must continue.

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I spend the time writing on my blog and producing content for it. This is a full time job, but I ain't got all the time for doing it perfectly, so please be easy on me.


I also make websites for a living these days. It's easy, it's fast and it keeps my income for my traveling.


I like taking pictures and wandering on streets in new cities. I also love mountains, that's why I yearly go on so trip.