Trip to Greece. Hop on

Today I start a trip towards Greece. I can’t stay there for long, cause in November I start a stage of volunteering in Minsk, Belarus. So, in late October I must be back in Romania to prepare.

I’ll try for the first time in my life hitchhiking. A guy from Netherlands told me Romania was friendly for hitchhiking, but he was not so sure about Greece.

The route I chose is Baia Mare – Cluj Napoca – București – Some place I did not choose in Bulgaria yet – Sofia – Thessaloniki. Anyhow, this might change. If I find somebody to take me from Bucharest directly anywhere in Greece, then, that is better than my original plan.

My bag is prepared with food for 5 days, a tent and sleeping bag, clothes for 8 days (some I will need to wear for more than one day) and water for 1 – 2 days. Finding food and water doesn’t bother me as I already know ways to find them in city and out of city. But I am more worried about my clothes. I was thinking friends will let me wash them at their places or I could anytime choose a campsite with washing facilities. Don’t know yet.

The bag is pretty heavy. I think somewhere around 15kg. I’ve already tested my endurance with 17kg and the first two days are the hardest, until your back get used to the weight. Anyhow, the test was for 17kg, for hiking 10h/day, 20 km/day with height climbings of up to 1000m. But right now I will hitchhike, meaning the cars will bear the weight of my bag and I won’t climb any mountains which is totally different story.

60 liters of cobblestone

Another thing that bothers me is my bag when I would want to have a city break. Having no deposit place for my luggage means I must always carry the luggage with me. I don’t want to visit Athens with a big piece of stone in my back.

I hope after this first day the courage will come along.