There are around 30 Romanians in Minsk. Few of them, compared to the rest of European cities, where there can be up to a hundred thousand only in one city (London, Paris).

Anyhow, this means you don’t have so many to choose from. And you know what, it’s hard to find them actually. I only met two Romanians at the filarmonica event. And this was supposed to bring more of them, as the concert stars were both from “patria mama”.

Today I checked the statistics in Europe and I saw this pattern: all Romanians migrated to countries that had nothing to do with soviet union. Few of them chose to go towards Eastern European countries. But still, they might have missed this country, Belarus, which, in my opinion is not bad at all.

Anyhow, I don’t judge. I just think we should also tilt our heads in the other side, because we might skip something we didn’t observe.

Volunteering in Belarus is awesome. Belarusians are hospitable, friendly and beautiful.