Today Software Magazine. Article Presentation Video

Today Software Magazine Cluj-Napoca or TSM, it’s a digital and physical newsletter for the area of Cluj Napoca, it reached more than 80 publications and has more than 2k+ subscribers. The main focus of the publication is not only software, but also management, human resources and more.

Guess what? I wrote an article for them. My article was not really software oriented, but more like HR, but from the employee’s perspective.


The week of confidence helped to keep my nerves down.

Thanks to my manager back then, Cosmin, I got the chance to write and publish an article about employment process, a story and a guideline about job interviews.

Find the article online

Here is a copy on Today Software Magazine article.

I wrote about:

  • The hurry and the stress one has before the interview
  • The expectations on the employee side
  • Things to do to improve your career path

And also, I got to present it in front of 40 people from IT sector: managers, software architects, developers and students. It was a bit stressful. In the first part of the video you can see I am not really myself. Luckily I manage my fear during the presentation and I get back on track. Have a look.

Can you see my nerves? This is my first magazine article presentation