My first week in Belarus – The video

I love draniki (belarusian national food)

Wow, I only realized so many things happened when I made an album with all my pictures in Belarus. Then I made this video and I realized only in the first week so many things happened.

Half my stage here passed already and I will be leaving in less than a month. It’s good to know I leave with good memories. I made new friends, I found the mini Eiffel and the TV recorded my pretty, caucazian, unshaved face.

Also the bread I eat here is amazing, the village I am staying in has lots of Instagrammable places and I never get the time to be bored. There is always volunteering-related or volunteering-unrelated activity. And I always get lots of attention as a foreigner and many new Instagram followers.

Please visit Belarus and make friends here. Belarusians are amazingly friendly!