Hi! It’s me, Razvan Farte, known in my intercultural circle of friends as “the Romanian guy”, “the adventurer”, “Ras” (a shortcut for Razvan, one can guess), “the vampire” or just Farte. As you may guess I am from Romania, kinda from Transylvania, but not exactly (I share just half vampire blood inheritance.

Why a blog? Why sharing my points of view?

I’ll start honestly by telling you I don’t know exactly what determined me to start a blog.
Maybe it is because I wanted people to hear my ideas, my voice. I experienced lots of things in the past years. I visited many places and I met people rich in ideas, perceptions and spirituality.
Or, maybe I created this blog because I’ve always wanted to help people. I’ll tell you a story about my perception of helping people.
When I was on 6th grade one of my teacher asked me what I want in life. I answered “an astronomer, sir”. He asked “Why?”. And I said “Cause I want to find a new planet, I want to go with people on that planet and I want to help them live a better life”. In 8th grade he asked me the same question again. This time I answered “a physicist, a scientist”. Again, he asked me why. I said “cause I want to make a discovery which will help everybody be more happy, live a better life”. Today I am asking me the same question. The answer is very different, but in some ways is the same: I want to help people.

How will I help?

I still don’t have a clue how to do it. I tried in different ways to do it, but sometimes I faced harsh answers and I found that some people don’t need help. They don’t want it. They ask themselves why I do this and they think I do it with bad intentions. They don’t need neither the inventions or the promises of a better future, of flying cars, of traveling to other planets or virtual reality.
So, how I help? Instead of trying to discover something revolutionary or changing the world, I try to be here. I smile to people, I am there when they need it to, I give hope, I give patience, I give freedom, I give whatever they need. The answer I am giving today to my teacher’s question is “me”. When I grow up I want to be me. I want to help people, I want to do the right things I see, I want to share good vibe and love.

Again, how exactly?

It is very hard to smile when you are nervous or sad or furious. It is very hard to be patient when something annoys you. It is very hard for someone to be here when you are not here. Or to care about the others when you feel sad, angry or even when you feel happy. Then how I want to do it?
It is impossible to answer this question and I wouldn’t get anywhere trying to answer it. Just do it. Just do smile. Just do be happy. Just do believe in yourself and in others. That’s it.

Getting back to the purpose of the blog

Anyhow, here, on this blog, I wish I can show myself. I wish I can share freely with you my thoughts, my trips, my ideas. I wish I would hear from you too.
Every single person has a story. Every single story is captivating once you understood it. Reading stories is very intriguing. So everything one says could be a beautiful line in a book.
I am not an author nor blogger nor a person who talks in front of a crowd. I am probably like most of you. I don’t know how to write in an aesthetic manner, or how to create intrigue when telling a story. Although I know what I want to write about, therefore this gives me the motivation to do it.