Dropping down your dreams

Today I chose to leave one of my goal behind and I never expected to feel so released.

Old cheese.

I’ve been struggling for the past several months about this goal. I’ve been trying to attain it in different ways: studying, reducing the time I waste by improving my personal life (being happier), asking for help, changing my attitude towards the subject. This was my background story in a very brief explanation.
In the beginning I was very patient and very appreciative towards everything I obtained. After some time though it was like stagnating,  no improvement at all, self judgment, criticize, anxiety (even though I had everything under control), impatience. I did not know  why I was doing that at some time.
This was the old cheese. A desire that has started to rotten. Now, 8 months later, I don’t know how was the original taste of cheese, I don’t know why I pursued this dream, because the cheese has changed and me together with it.

New cheese.

Long story short: one must know when to quit.
Now I stopped eating the old cheese I feel better. No more anxiety, no more fear, no more self judgment.
Sitting in a place for too long without any changing is unsatisfactory. You need something new. I want to go and find a new cheese.

Just to clarify

You don’t have to switch between dreams every day. I’ve been having this dream for the past 7-8 months. One need to eat the same cheese for a longer period in order to realize it is old, it does not taste the same, you don’t like it anymore.


Sometimes dreams are just illusions. They seem to be close to you, but, in fact…
You must know when to quit.