Reading the past self

It is satisfying when you checkout your old posts.
When you read a post from 3 months ago feels like the person who is talking to you is not the same.
Mindfulness means to be aware of the current self state.
This is my definition after 8 months of the practice.

What about the past states?

Although being mindful means the present, how can you be aware of the past states?
I will get into this discussion some other post. But right now, just focus on the question.
And now a quick solution is to write down your thoughts. And not only the thoughts. The emotions you felt are very important when you describe a previous self state (A new topic for a blog post). So you need the thoughts and the emotions wrote down somewhere.

Think about the future self

Even though you don’t plan to read the notes in the next months or even next years, maybe you find yourself a different person, a person who reads those notes.
Today I am that person. And I tell you: I am really glad I can read that person, the me from 3 months ago. Because not only the present you is important. You should always remember your past experiences, your past decisions, your past self. You should always go forard such that you don’t waste your time spinning around the same old you.

Past, Present … Future

Again, what better way to do so than knowing yourself: the present one and past versions. Well, the future one might be discussed some other time, but you can think about this by yourself.