The hardest part in being a programmer

I like and I hate being a software developer/programmer/whatever you want to call the job. The ups are satisfying, but the downs are just terrible.

The code

The life of a programmer is pretty much straight forward: you have an idea, you write some code and you publish it. Easy recipe, am I right? (coders out there I am talking with you)
Coding is pleasant most of the time. You write some well designed service classes, you call them, you fix some annoying bugs. Most of the time everything is pleasant.

The tools

Anyhow, there always comes a day when one has to face the biggest frenemy alive: the tools (git, gradle, ide etc).
The time wasted for setting up a new project sometimes exceeds the expected one. This wasted time drives to: self judgment, the desire to quit, the hate for the programming language even if you haven’t write any code yet and it makes you look dumb when a mate comes and helps you fix the problem in a short time.
Powerful tools are deployed out there, but sometimes they are too powerful. So many times I had to stop my working flow in order to read more about my IDE and to make sure I understand deeply how it works and how to configure it properly. Nevertheless, world is dynamic and so are the trends for IDEs. I am getting sick to change the tools once 6-9 months.
But getting back to the idea of tools, most of the times I found myself being very unproductive because of them. What do you think about it?