Tiredness. Taking a day off

What do you do when a day won’t pass with any task fulfilled?
Usually I have days when I am completely tired. I am not productive at all. I spend time trying to work, trying to solve tasks, but I cannot proceed them at all.

What I do?

Do nothing
Well, nothing. I know myself well enough to say that if I cannot think, I cannot think. I just take my time and I keep do nothing.

Other solutions

Usually I apply these steps as solutions/remedies for this syndrome:

  • Go for a run or a hill climb.
  • Sleep for several minutes
  • Meditation is probably the most effectice one as you calm down and find out the source of you problems.
  • Talking with somebody about it (not so effective in my opinion)
  • Take a total break and quit on anything in your todo list. Take your time to do your personal business

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