Downsize of Google Keep

Allowing me to have labels, colors, links, images, sounds and even to share my notes with somebody else is not enough from my note tracking app. There are lots of aspects I don’t find covering my needs and have made me look for other apps to cover these needs.

No group sharing

In keep I have shared my notes a couple of times with other people. Yes, it is possible, it is cool. You can even export a note to your google drive and will be converted to a document, which I find cool.
Anyhow, when it comes to data under a topic you cannot tell google keep to let a group of people be updated about any new notes you add in that topic. This could be useful when you are taking notes at uni and you share them with a class. Then you don’t have the concern to send the notes to your mates.
Moreover, you cannot create a group: add all the classmates in a group. This is only possible in Google Drive where you make a folder and everyone has access to everything inside that folder.
In one note you can share an aggregative structure with the others, or on brainscape where you have flashcards shared with a classroom.

No label hierarchy or structuring

It hasn’t passed 2 years from the time I started using the app, but I already got full of junk data that I cannot archive or put under another hierarchy or anything else. I don’t want to erase it as I will lose the labels on notes. So the only solution is to keep the long list of labels there.
There is no problem in having a long list, but when you have to insert new data, new notes and you want to be fast, then searching through a big list is cumbersome and unproductive.

No books

I am a student and an employee at the same time.
I have uni related notes and work related ones in the app.
When I am at work and I want to see my notes, I don’t want to be concerned about what notes and todos I got at uni, but rather just know about uni notes.
In One Note and in Evernote I have found the concept of book/notebook where you can keep togheter all the pages of that topic.
I still don’t know if the labels are shared between the notebooks (one page of marketing can be labeled for uni and can be labeled for business, for a company too)

Severity vs priority

I google keep, there is no good distinguish between a note/a task/a todo that is a priority and one that is severe.
When I have to clean the room because I just feel I have to, then this increases the severity of the item, but not the priority.
In google keep you have just colors, which can either be used for the purpose of priority or severity.
I’ve recently started to use reminders in my notes and now this concern is smaller than few months ago. Anyhow I am still testing if in this way I can separate the two aspects.

Not done yet

There is still a lot to cover: only two possible states for notes(active and archive) which is not enough, no support for romanian, no support for multilanguage (I have notes in ro and in eng and I let you think why this might be a problem. Hint: searching), you cannot duplicate notes, you cannot have a template or a hack to add multiple labels with less written (when I want to add multiple labeling for a many notes, I have to create one note at a time, add labels, copy labels, create new notes, add them in the new note).
I know these are not big issues, but try to epathise with me and feel what I felt when I was stressed, in a hurry, anxious, with the need to get things done and when my app made my life harder. Think about that UX.