Google Keep. A new look

Google Keep, the notes tracking app, has now a new UI style and I am happy for this change. Now I feel like I am working on a new, freshly made app, but with the same board of note I’ve been writing for the past 11 months.

Have you tried Google Keep?

It is just amazing: you can write your own notes, you can edit them, you can remove them, you can copy and paste the text from one note to another (not available when working with pen and paper) and label the notes, archive them, search for them (search for the text inside of them, for the labels, for archived ones. And this was only the discussion about old plain text functionalities.
On a note there can be attached pictures, colors, sounds, reminders, checklists, URLs and I don’t know what else to tell you about it, but just that is what I need.

Other apps are good too

I have used it for almost a year now. In the meanwhile I have tried some other apps as well: Evernote, iOS notes,  OneNote from Microsoft, Trello and some more I don’t remember. All of them were good until some point. Evernote was free with limitations of some number of megabytes/month usage, iOS notes did not offer a good structure to handle notes (no colors, no labels), Trello did not offer a good search functionality for searching within notes (Trello is oriented more on task management more than notes, but I used Trello for both cases). Regarding OneNote I cannot complain about anything; this tool is so strong and offers great functionalities (maybe I will discuss about these functionalities in another article) such that I cannot give any bad review on it. Anyhow, with great power comes great responsibilities: you are given everything you need in OneNote (even more functionalities than in google keep: A big, free moving canvas on which you can write, draw, add images, add todos, flags, bold text, highlight; it keeps track of history – what changes you added yesterday and muuuch more), but again, this powers are hard to handle and sometimes is overwhelming just to imagine in how many ways you can work with the tool.

End, but not “The End”

I still find Google Keep the best app to use. It gaps some functionalities (I will focus on discussing them another time), but it just feels right for me. Maybe you can give it a try and tell me what new hacks you find about using it . 🙂

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