Getting inspired

There are days when I am without energy to start something, to progress on anything. There are projects to work on, but I cannot start on them because I don’t feel I want to (“bad days”). Something is missing. That intrinsic energy which spins the wheels in your body, in your mind, in your spirit.

I have faced these bad days for a long time now but I didn’t just let them pass without any initiative from my side.  You have to be optimist and to believe you can change bad in good:

One cannot decide when to have a productive day. Although one can put his efforts towards it.

My solution

I wanted for a long time to write this post because I knew I had solutions for questions like: “What to do when you are down?”, “How to be motivated such that you can consistently work throughout a timestamp?”, “How to be productive and spend time wisely?”. I knew I worked on this area and I knew I had to share this information.
A part of my daily time is on writing notes and for the questions above I made some notes with answers on which I contributed for several months. I made personal lists with everything that worked for me. Today I will share with you only a list of speeches and songs I listen when I need vision and motivation.
How it works for me? Well, after listening on these, I tend to have the chicken skin, my hair raises, I feel endorphin, I feel motivation flows in my veins, I get that “I want to do it” or “I can, I will, I must”. I feel this:
Push yourself

“Getting inspired” list

It is directly copied from my notes app, so don’t mind if you see mistakes in  it. “Getting inspired” is the title I added to the note.

Eric Thomas ET – Story about guru
“If you say you can do 3 things I tell you do 9”
“When you want to be successful as much as you wanna breathe…”

Dream Motivational Speech
Tags: Vision, motivation, challenge yourself
Through hell
Describing the morning where you have to wake up even if you don’t want to. But you must do it.
Great dictator speech
“We all want to help each other, human beings”
“The power is not in one man, but in all men”
“You the people have the power”
“Don’t give yourself as cattle to machine men”
Great music – Hans Zimmer
Soundtracks: Man of steel, Inception Time, 12 years a slave, Dark knight
Best soundtrack: Time
Rocky Balboa Speech to Son
“How much you can take and keep moving forward”
“That’s how winning is done!”

Make your own list

This list is made by testing whatever speeches worked on my mind. I know some of the songs there won’t work on you at all and that is why you should find your own motivation. Just go on any music or video content platform you like, type “motivation speeches” and listen for several months to different speeches and compilations, until you find something you find something you like.

Ask me

Please, I have done this for almost a year now and I tried much of the content out there. The list I shared with you today is only one of them. I can tell you more if you want to, so please contact me if you feel I can help. I will reply as soon as possible.


Let me know what else I can do to improve. Tell me what you do. The fact that you’ve been working on exact same problems makes me feel understood and I want to get in touch with you. And please don’t tell only me, share it with everyone out there who is willing to listen.