Brain Games

I was playing two nights ago a game in “Podul Viilor” (it’s a pub) with a couple of friends. Dark stories it was called if I remember correctly.

The idea of the game

It is trivial: given a scenario you must find the full story of what happened by asking the game master yes/no questions.
I will give an example from the game. You are told that “A woman stands in front of a hotel. Two more steps and all would be lost”. You have to ask yes/no questions now to the game master in order to find the full story: “The woman was playing monopoly. Her piece was on Park Place. If she rolls a two she would move to Broadwalk which would cause her bankruptcy.”
The fun part is when you imagine multiple cases. It is fun because you are totally free to think of anything, to think out of the box and to explore the cases.

Developing your thinking

What I found playing the game was incredible. The way you can build your brain focusing only on questions and how you can learn more only by asking questions.
This kind of game unlocks you from the routine. Defocuses you from your daily routine and gives you the power of imagination, the child within you, the power of seeing always an escape from any situation.

Entertain yourself

Go out and find some other games or some other activities that give you this feeling. World is. Yours to explore.