Help the others

I just saw a street singer and I gave him 2€. I feel I gave him hope to continue singing, because nobody gave him anything for 30 minutes.

I was sitting at 20m, watching him from a side and I liked his energy. A guy has passed by him and started dancing on his music. Then when he left, he just tapped him on the shoulder congratulating and encouraging.

I have only 170€ left for my trip, but I don’t want the money to decide what I am going to do. Especially when I can help someone encouraging his passion.

After I gave him the money, I left back to my seat and kept minding my business. But after no more than 30 minutes I went back to him for a photo and to tell him he’s good.

Both of us got happier

He seemed happier and energized because of my intervention. It felt good to help somebody.