Letter to Novopolatsk

Guys, thanks for the christmas tree globes. I hope you liked the pictures I took with them.

I was scared of the reporters with camera and microphone. Do you remember? But anyways, they put another voice over mine after video editing, so I worried for nothing.

Since the time we met, I’ve been in other places and I met many more people. I’ve traveled by train, I’ve slept a night in Grodno and I saw black pottery in Phrujany.

I am gonna spend my Christmas here, in Minsk and I will leave on 28th. I bought a lot of food today and I already feel like christmas is coming (i am a fat pig).

In Romania things are “harasho”. People are waiting for me and some are sad I am not going home on Christmas. The mountains are calling for me. I can hear them. I must go on a winter expedition once I get back, I can’t resist.

I met a couple of you here in Minsk, which was cool. Let me know if you come here again. (you can find me on VK, Telegram or Facebook) Unfortunately I cannot reply on Instagram at the moment..

Love you all! Raz zva n (1 2 n)