Game for learning food nutritional values

Check out this game!

Just play it! Try the other games too (in the right bottom corner).

I was learn by heart the content of different foods, such that I know how to play with the nutritional content. And I wanted the process to be interactive. So I made a game. The one above. (Tips! You can change the game to “Learn”, “Test”. “Flashcards” is the default one)

All was easy with this Quizlet app. (And I am not paid to say it) I had to find a CSV file (Excel file) with the foods and the nutriments values and to import it to Quizlet. And now I can share it with you. You can find the game in the app if you register. And you can browse my content too. I have a couple of language classes there. It’s all free.

I really want to improve with my knowledge of veganism and nutrition. That’s why I’ve started reading books for the past month. (I even checked out the outline of a Vegan University) But I feel flashcards will help me better remember some useful date.