My phone is “kaput”

Guys, today I accidentally dropped my phone in a container full of water. Ups. My first reaction was to take it out and to dry it with paper towels. Lots of paper towels, actually.

Anyhow, the phone was fine for the first minute. Then, the display started to dim and at the time I turned it off.

Well, to put an end to the action, the phone is not working anymore. I’ll wait for a day and check again, but I am sure no magic will happen over night and I need to buy another one once I get back home.

You know what, I wanted to write this post not to tell I feel bad about the phone, but I feel good this happened. I get a break from the constant connectivity.

Guys, I think up the time I gather money for a new phone, I’ll stay disconnected. I cannot use Instagram chat, nor Whatsapp, but I can use Messenger, Facebook and Telegram.

To be fair, this is the second time this happens to me this year and I reacted the same way as the previous one: you don’t need a phone. And you know what, I managed to get through without one for a month or so.

I won’t need a phone to go to filharmonic, nor for finding directions. I can use a piece of paper, a pen, a laptop and a smile.

If you want to contact me, be patient, I’ll answer after some days. I don’t worry, I know if it’s something important, you will find a way to reach me.