Sunday is for reports

It’s normal to take time off in the weekends. the 7th day is for rest, for personal time.

Although, besides walking outside just for the purpose of walking, I also find Sunday the day for finding myself through reports.

Analysis of the events in the past week are benefic because it reveals what went well and what did not in the past days. It is a reflexive activity in which you can discover the self better and working smoother with.

Slept too much Wednesday morning? Me: “Why did I do this”. Also me: “Well, the previous night you worked 2 hours and you didn’t enjoy it, then you blindly decided to have a snack and sleep later.” Well, next time I’ll be more careful about working on projects I don’t enjoy or working late, cause it seems I might lose control.

It’s just a brief perspective, but in 3 years scheduling and retrospectively analyzing the behavior, you learn lots of things about yourself.

Sunday is the day for rediscovering yourself.